Genius is childhood recaptured.
Jean Baudrillard

The Wright brothers flew through the smoke screen of impossibility.
Dorothea Brande

As I have documented my open source, especially Ubuntu software learning experiences, I need a screen capture program.  For Ubuntu, I have found Shutter to be easy to use with enough tools to annotate the screen shots.

Shutter can crop images, draw boxes around sections to high information with any level of transparency, use a high lighter marker, hide sensitive information, and more.

The screen shots shown below were all done with Shutter.

Installing Shutter is easy.  On my Ubuntu 10.10 machine, I open the Ubuntu Software Center.

Type shutter in the search box and then click the Install button.  After the install is complete, close the Ubuntu Software Center.

The Shutter menu can be found under Accessories.

I change the preferences to always ask for the saved file location.  I also change the delay seconds to 5 or 7 seconds.  This allows me to take screen shots of pull down menus.


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