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Andrew V. Madson

I live in Alaska.  In the winter, the weather is on my mind a lot because I commute to work, 55 miles, one way.

Sometimes my weather ScreenLet does not start after boot.  I would right mouse click the ScreenLet icon and launch the weather ScreenLet.

I removed this icon by mistake and I wanted it back.  After asking the right question, I found an answer on Google.  The answer is very simple but I am afraid I will forget the answer.  Therefore, I document my answer in this blog.

I have used my own blog numerous times to remind myself how to do something.  If no one visits my blog, it does not matter.  I visit my blog to find answers of problems previously solved.

How to restore the ScreenLet icon is shown below:

This icon was missing.  By right mouse clicking in the gray panel area, the following menu displays.

After clicking, Add to Panel, the following screen is displayed.

Add the Notification Area and the ScreenLet icon returns, and works!

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