During my undergraduate years at UC San Diego while laboring to get a Physics Degree, I took some computer classes. UCSD Pascal was the training language. After graduation, I worked at Hughes Aircraft. We used HP 1000 machines that were programmable in Pascal. Pascal was my first language with many good qualities.


In the 1990’s, Borland released Delphi. I felt like I had come home. Delphi is Visual Pascal. I created numerous applications in Delphi versions 1-7. The only downside to Delphi was market share. Few people were programming in Delphi compared to Microsoft Visual Basic (VB).

The chief architect behind Delphi was Anders Hejlsberg. He left for Microsoft in 1996. He eventually became the lead architect for the C# language. C# fixes some of the flaws in Delphi and has many great extensions.  With Microsoft backing, C# continues to gain market share. I enjoy programming with a very good language which also has a large user base.

The computer culture I have lived in has naturally led me to the C# language. To learn more about culture and programming languages, see the excellent article by Nigel Shaw at CodeProject.


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