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Nerd Wizard

For many years I developed windows applications in Delphi, versions 1-7. Currently my windows applications are developed in C# with Visual Studio 2008.

With so much emphasis on Rich Internet Applications (RIA), the art of good gui applications is being lost.  Two years ago, I decided to start a blog to share some of the knowledge I have gained over the years.

I was very naive.  Writing a blog is not a simple task.  My writing skills are weak but that was not the hardest problem.

What tools should I use for blog? Since I am a developer by trade, I reasoned that I should use because it already comes with Visual Studio.

I also wanted open source and free.  The open source choices for are limited.  I settled on Mojo Portal, mainly because main developer answered my questions quickly.

I got a site running and made some entries.  But the site did not run the way I wanted it to.  The designer had interests in other areas.  I decided to look at other choices.  I tried DotNetNuke but I just did not get their methodology.  The I tried Umbraco.  There is tremendous power and flexibility with Umbraco.  I got some basic things running but I could not get a site working the way I wanted.

My break through came when I returned to me original goal.  I wanted a blog.  A blog does not have to run on ASP.NET  I switched web hosts to Linux based with PHP.  I pay half as much per month and I get so much more.

I started with Drupal and ocPortal.  Both are powerful and flexible.  Yet I struggle with themes and how I want MY blog to look.  Next, I tried Joomla.  This was very easy to get things running.  I was excited.  I still needed to learn how to run my blog with Joomla.

Lastly, I decided to try WordPress.  This has been the easiest of all for a blog.  I have decided to stay with WordPress for blogs and Joomla for any other style web site I may create.

I studied Drupal, Joomla and WordPress for many months.  This article captures my experiences to a ‘T’.

Since starting my adventure in blogging, I have since virtualized my physical Windows XP machine and run it with VM Player on a Ubuntu 9.10 machine.  I have had many learning experiences in this area as well.

I have changed the focus of my blog to sharing my learning experiences.  As a newbie in so many areas, I am frustrated with confusing jargon and incomplete directions.

I will document my learning experiences which will help me to build new machines and web sites in the future.  I also hope this blog will help other newbies.

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